Why More Couples Should Consider a Winter Wedding in Newcastle

A winter wedding? Why not?

Most couples would be busy looking for wedding hire Newcastle suppliers for a summer ceremony, especially if they want to have it outdoors. But you can actually still have the big day of your dreams surrounded by nature even in winter, especially if it’s in Newcastle.

This city is lucky to have gentler winters compared to other regions so you can still have your ceremony and party outside. You’ll just have to make some extra considerations to make sure everyone remains warm and comfy throughout your special day. Find the best Newcastle wedding hire company and this will be no problem.

Still need more convincing? Here are more reasons to consider a winter wedding.

1. You get to enjoy the gorgeous winter weather and landscape.

Newcastle gets to have crystal clear winter days that can make the surroundings even more picturesque – the foliage is greener and the sky is bluer. Your wedding pictures will look even more stunning with such a backdrop.

Aside from that, the cooler temperatures eliminate the issue of stuffy and hot conditions. Your guests can enjoy your ceremony and then party late into the night without worrying about drenching their formal dress in too much sweat.

2. You can take advantage of more competitive prices

Since winter is low season for tying the knot, you will find Newcastle wedding hire services are offered for more competitive rates during this time. The Party Hire Company in Newcastle, for instance, offers special packages in winter to give you a premium wedding at a better price. You can actually have that fancy and stylish celebration at less cost.

BONUS TIP: Have your big day on a weekday instead of a weekend to enjoy even more savings!

3. You have more choices for vendors and venues

Since not too many couples are getting hitched during these months, you have better chances of getting first dibs on the wedding hire Newcastle company or venue you’ve been eyeing. Not to mention having more options on where to have your celebration and which vendors to work with. Plus, since they most likely won’t have that many clients during this season, they can be more accommodating to your special requests and needs and may even offer certain extras.

4. There’s a lot you can do outdoors

With cooler climates, you can plan more outside activities for you and your guests. Not just for the wedding itself, but even for the days before.

For example, there tends to be a little more swell at the beaches in Newcastle in winter, making them perfect for riding waves. If you have family or friends who are surfing enthusiasts, this can be a great activity for them to meet and mingle before the big event.

Whale watching is also a popular to-do from May to August, so why not treat your guests to some excitement and schedule a boat trip to get up close to these sea giants?

5. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a cosy and warm vibe

Couples will surely be feeling all nice and fuzzy inside on their special day. But wouldn’t it be great if everyone attending the celebration also feels that way as they celebrate your love? Work with the right wedding hire in Newcastle, and you can perfect that cosy and warm feeling at your venue.


  • Decorate the place with candles in jars or set up several pit fires outside. They add to the ambiance and can actually help keep everyone warm enough.

  • Encourage your guests to group together and mingle as they enjoy the night sky by setting up comfy seating clusters with pillows and blankets.

  • Prepare hot chocolate and/or a special winter cocktail or liquor mix.

  • Use colours and themes inspired by winter or autumn to really bring that cosy and warm mood to life.

  • If you want to take advantage of as much daylight as possible, have the ceremony earlier so everyone can still enjoy cocktails and canapes or hors d’oeuvres outdoors before the sun goes down. Arrange with your wedding hire Newcastle supplier to set up tables and chairs outside so everyone is comfy as they enjoy drinks and the sunset before moving inside for the dinner and reception.

Now that you know all these benefits and ideas, doesn’t a winter wedding in Newcastle seem more like a good idea? For more info, visit http://www.thepartyhireco.com.au/

Post Author: Matthew White

Matthew White